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Bodet Launches New Bell System and Synchronised Clock Website

Bodet Clock & Bell Systems Website

Highlighted Audio Alert and Time Management Solutions to increase productivity, safety and communication

Bodet’s range of solutions have expanded over the last few years, so to improve your website experience and focus on our Bell, PA and Synchronised Clock Systems, we’ve moved them to a brand new website.

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New Harmonys System Demonstration Video

Harmonys Audio Alert System Demonstration Video

This new video shows the benefits of Bodet’s Harmonys IP/PoE Audio Alert System

To highlight the latest innovative hardware and software in our Harmonys Audio Alert System, we’ve created a new demonstration video giving you an overview of the whole solution.

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Bodet Class Change Systems at the Virtual School and Academies Series Event 2021

Virtual School and Academies Series Event Logo

Bodet will be exhibiting its Lockdown Alert, Synchronised Clock, Class Change & PA Systems at the Virtual School and Academies Series event in March

Bringing together local authorities, central Government, the public sector, academia and senior education leaders, the Virtual School and Academies series allows attendees to hear new policy updates, and address challenges facing the education sector in these unprecedented times.

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Bodet UK’s 30th Anniversary Interview

Bodet 30 Anniversary Logo

An interview with Richard Manby, Bodet UK’s Managing Director

To mark the end of our 30th anniversary year, we interviewed Bodet UK’s Managing Director, Richard Manby, to talk about the company’s past, present and future.

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Merry Christmas and Happy 2021 From Bodet

Happy Christmas 2020 from Bodet

From all of us at Bodet UK, we would like to wish everyone a very safe, happy Christmas and a brighter 2021

There is no doubt that 2020 hasn’t been the year anyone expected, with many unforeseen challenges. However, we are fortunate enough to be in a position to help organisations with workplace issues caused by coronavirus. And like many businesses, we have been able to lean into our flexibility and experience to find success.

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Bodet Audio & Synchronised Clock Solutions: New Specification Section

Bodet Specification Section

New automated website section makes it easier for architects, consultants and contractors to access technical information

With its dedicated Specification Service, Bodet has always worked closely with consultants, architects and contractors to help them deliver high quality projects and ensure they have the correct Audio and Time Synchronisation Solutions in place. Our our new Specification Section was designed to assist with this.

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Bodet’s Partnership With the National Network of School Site Staff

National Network of School Site Staff

Bodet is proud to highlight this organisation, with its new focus on digital training and adjusted price point, allowing more schools than ever to support their site managers and staff

The National Network of School Site Staff is dedicated to the wellbeing, training and support of school site managers, a role which has expanded to become pivotal within the education environment. Adapting to increased online and remote services, a new price point allows even more schools to take advantage of this organisation at a critical time.

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Bodet UK’s 30th Anniversary: A Time to Reflect

Bodet 30 Anniversary Logo

Workplace challenges caused by coronavirus: what have we learnt at Bodet UK in this landmark year?

This year is Bodet UK’s 30th anniversary. Although now is perhaps not the right time to celebrate such an occasion, it is however the perfect opportunity to reflect back on the last thirty years and leverage our experience, allowing us to best assist our target markets and continue to provide high levels of customer service. New challenges may have arisen, but this strong background and ethos mean we can quickly adapt as an organisation.

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