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How schools can improve teaching efficiency?

The Education magazine has published an article explaining the benefits of Bodet's clock and class change systems in schools.

Education magazine

An article discussing the subject of "How to improve teaching efficiency in schools?" has been recently released in several education publications including the last issue of the Education Magazine and the Independent Education Today. It includes testimonials of school bursars who are using Bodet's clock and class change systems. According to the schools, the benefits include increasing learning time, avoiding disruption, creating tailored alerts and reducing costs.

Education magazine - Clock and class change systems

“It goes without saying that core resources such as excellent teaching and support staff are critical to ensure high standards, but schools are finding other creative ways to improve efficiency” says Richard Manby, managing director of Bodet Ltd.

Schools are constantly under pressure from both Ofsted and LEAs to improve standards and efficiency. They are very people-focussed organisations, with larger secondary schools having in excess of 1000 students and more than 100 teachers on site at any one time. Getting staff and students to the right place at the right time can be a major logistical problem, especially in schools that are spread over a large site and have a multiplicity of buildings.

Punctuality is a critical factor in the smooth running of a school, not only because arriving late for class has a disruptive effect for both staff and students, but also installing an ethos of good timekeeping is important for students later in life, especially when embarking on the employment ladder.

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