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Automatic Clock Change with Bodet's Synchronised Clock Systems

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Clocks go forward one hour this weekend, but Bodet's Synchronised Clock Systems will remove the stress and workload associated with the Summer / Winter changeover

This Sunday March 26th, clocks go forward one hour at 1am, when Daylight Saving Time begins.

If you have various clocks spread over multiple buildings, having to change each one individually can be very time consuming, especially if they are mounted high on walls. With the clock change happening twice a year, this can quickly add to maintenance costs. Bodet’s Synchronised Clock Systems automate this process for you, as one of the many benefits.

 Style II Modern Digital Clock

Bodet’s Clock Systems use a Master Clock to synchronise time across your organisation, increasing efficiency. A Master Clock can also link to a Bodet Bell System and control additional building systems such as heating and lighting. Clock Systems can either be wired or wireless, and function with our full range of slave clocks including digital, analogue, indoor and outdoor clock models.


We would be happy to conduct a site survey to suggest the right Clock System Solution for your organisation. Please contact us to arrange this.


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