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Bodet Lockdown Alert System featured in BBC Video

School Lockdown Alert Solution

A news article on the BBC website features the Lockdown System installed at Reinwood Junior School.

The lockdown video clearly shows measures taken by a school during a lockdown situation, instigated by broadcasting a distinct lockdown alert across the premises.

The BBC story focuses on the NASUWT’s call for the government to produce national strategy for school lockdown procedures. It mentions how individual schools are currently having to make their own preparations for potential lockdown situations based only on current guidance rather than defined procedure, which can include running drills and attending local council-run seminars.


One of the schools quoted in the article is Reinwood Junior School in Huddersfield, which has Bodet’s Lockdown Alert System installed.


The video shows the school carrying out a lockdown drill, which begins with the Bodet Lockdown Alert System broadcasting a distinct lockdown alert across the school. When the alert is heard, immediate action is taken, with pupils moving underneath desks and staff shuttering windows and barricading the classroom door with a table.


There is an interview with a staff member who highlights that although it could be seen that these drills raise fear in children, in reality, going over the procedures repeatedly makes pupils more calm in that situation and ensures they understand their importance.


If you could like a free site survey to see how Bodet can tailor a Lockdown Alert System for the specific needs of your school, please contact us.


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