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Autumn Clock Changeover

Automatic Clock Change with Bodet

As the Autumn clock change approaches, Bodet’s Synchronised Clock Systems present a solution to the increased workload and maintenance costs of having to manually change the time on every individual clock

Daylight Saving Time ends on Sunday 29th October this year, meaning that clocks go back one hour at 2am.

For most organisations, this can be a major task, increasing maintenance costs as each individual clock across different rooms and buildings needs to be changed. This can take even more time if clocks are mounted in hard-to-reach places.


With Bodet’s Synchronised Clock Systems, all your analogue and digital clock models feature an automatic time update when the clocks change, completing this task for you without any work.


In addition to the automatic Summer / Winter changeover, a Clock System will also improve workforce efficiency by synchronising time across your whole organisation. It will also allow you to control additional systems such as heating and lighting, saving further costs, and will link to a Bodet Bell System.

Bodet Digital & Analogue Clocks

Bodet’s full range of analogue and digital clocks include both indoor and outdoor weatherproof models, with a choice of Time Distribution Systems such as wireless DHS and NTP/IP, which uses an existing IP network.


If you would like a no-obligation site survey so we can suggest the best Clock System Solution for your specific requirements, please contact us.


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