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Sheffield Northern General Hospital

Sheffield Northern General Hospital
« We wanted to install synchronised clocks for our Accident and Emergency department, Bodet was our first choice because they offered the best solution to meet our requirements. »

Steve Brown
Consultant Surgeon at Sheffield's Northern General Hospital


Djanogly City Academy

Djanogly City Academy
"We used to use the fire alarm to announce class changes and lunch breaks, but the information that can be conveyed is very limited...we needed a more versatile system that would enable us to communicate quickly and clearly to all staff and students what to do should a situation arise that required a lockdown protocol rather than evacuation."

James Amps
Director of Operations


Blossom House School

Blossom House School
« We looked at several class change systems but decided that the versatility of Bodet Harmonys system means we can choose from a range of melodies or use the microphone to record our own announcements. »

James Stavert
Director of Operations



« Everything is timed to the second, not just the start and end of shifts, but also the timing of breaks. Every clock on site must show the correct time, and all the alert sounders must be synchronised with them. »

Mark Thomas
Engineering Manager


Poole maternity hospital

Poole maternity hospital
« The system has led to much more accurate record keeping because all of the clocks are synchronised. The digital clocks also make it very easy to see the time. We will be expanding the system to our new birthing centre in the new year. »

Helen Williams
Deputy Head of Midwifery at Poole Hospital


Kimbolton school

Kimbolton school
« It is simple to broadcast the right announcement such as wet break and emergency announcements via the class change system. The system is easy to use and we are very happy with it. We highly recommend Bodet. »

Simon Richard
Facilities Manager


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