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Analogue clocks

Profil Analogue Clock Range for Indoor and Outdoor Use

Whether in a school, factory or office, Bodet’s Profil range of analogue clocks are a very popular choice with our customers, with their easy to read aesthetic style and options including different sizes, indoor and outdoor models and different case colours.


Key features of the Profil Analogue Clocks

Bodet offer robust analogue clocks across a wide range of sectors.

profil analogue clock profil 930

Their key features include:

  • 3 sizes: 30 cm, 40 cm and 60 cm.
  • Indoor and outdoor models.
  • 4 casing colours: black, white, aluminium or chrome (depending on the model).
  • Hand options: hour & minute or hour, minute & second.
  • Dial design: Arabic numbers, notches or DIN.
  • Synchronisation: Independent (quartz), Radio controlled clock, Impulse, Afnor, NTP and Wireless DHF.
  • Mounting options: Ceiling or wall bracket, single or double face. 

The Profil Analogue Clock is just one option for our Clock Systems, which feature large display and radio controlled clocks. Bodet will help you select the correct model for your organisation, whether it's a factory or school clock. For more information, see our Select a Clock or Clock Solution Overview page.


Comparative chart of Profil Analogue Clocks

Profil Clocks

Dial diameter

Viewing distance


Data sheet

Profil 930 Analogue Clocks - Clocks and Clock Systems
Profil 930I

278 mm

20 meters


Profil 940 Analogue Clocks - Clocks and Clock Systems
Profil 940I

377 mm

30 meters


Profil 940 Analogue Clocks - Clocks and Clock Systems
Profil 960I


60 meters


Profil 940 Outdoor Analogue Clocks - Clocks and Clock Systems
Profil 940O

377 mm

30 meters


Profil 960 Outdoor Analogue Clocks - Clocks and Clock Systems
Profil 960O

570 mm

60 meters


Dials Models

Most PROFIL clocks are available with either DIN, notches or figures.

Analog clock Profil dial DIN
Analog clock Profil dial figures
Analog clock Profil dial notches

Casing colours

4 colours available : white, black, chrome and aluminium.

Profil mounting options

Mounting options for the Profil Analogue Clocks: double sided bracket or wall fixing brackets.

Profil Analogue Clock - Clocks and Clock Systems
Profil Analogue Clock Wall Mounted - Clocks and Clock Systems
Profil 940 Wall Fixing Bracket - Clocks and Clock Systems

Bodet offers Profil TGV Analogue Clocks. Contact us for more information or download our brochure.

Applications for the Profil Analogue Clocks

  • Indoor use: Reception halls, offices, workshops, schools, hospitals, administrative buildings.
  • Outdoor use: Railway stations, airports, car parks, schools.
analogue clock

Analogue Clocks for Railways

Bodet’s Profil TGV range combines a timeless design with easy readability, ideal for use in railway stations.

Four models are available: Profil TGV 930I, Profil TGV 940I, Profil TGV 950E & Profil TGV 970E. Their key features include:

  • 4 dial sizes (278, 377, 436 and 650mm).
  • Indoor and outdoor use.
  • Synchronisation: NTP (950E & 970E only), AFNOR and impulse.
  • Mounting options: Double sided wall or ceiling support, hinged arm system.

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