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Wireless Clock Systems

A Master Clock Drives And Synchronises the Slave Clocks by Time Signal, and Keeps Precise and Accurate Time on all Clocks

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Benefits of Bodet’s Wireless Clock Systems

Bodet’s Wireless Clock System enables you to synchronise time on clocks over your entire organisation without having to install any additional cabling. This makes it ideal for existing buildings or refurbishments, especially where there are limits to the amount of work that can be carried out.

Main advantages of Wireless Clock Systems

  • Reduces maintenance (automatic Summer / Winter changeover).
  • Easy installation with no cabling required.
  • Accurate synchronisation of clocks.
Wireless Clock System - Clocks and Clock Systems




Diagram of a Wireless Clock System with Wireless Bells

With a Wireless Clock System, a Master Clock transmits a secure time signal to synchronised slave clocks via DHF radio waves. This Wireless System can also be used to synchronise Bodet’s Bell System. The DHF radio frequency is part of the licence free ISM band (Industrial Scientific and Medical) in line with the ETS 300-220 European standard.

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