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Analogue or Digital Clocks for Internal and External Use

Bodet offer a full range of clock model options, such as a large outdoor clock, LCD & LED clock, calendar clock and waterproof clock. Using our years of experience, we can suggest the right clocks for your requirements.


Analogue Clocks

Our analogue clocks are designed for either indoor or outdoor (waterproof / weatherproof) use. Bodet’s Profil Analogue Clocks are available with different colour casing and designs.

LCD Digital Clock

The features of our Crystalys and Opalys range of digital clocks include displaying the time, date, temperature and name of the city.

LED Digital Clocks

Bodet’s LED digital clocks are available in different colours and size depending on your requirements. Our Timezone LED digital clocks can display the time in 3, 4, 5 or 6 different time zones.

Viewing distance of Bodet's Digital Clocks

The viewing distance of our digital clocks is dependent on the height of the digits.

Height of Digits

Viewing Distance


5 cm

20 m

12 cm

50 m

15 cm

60 m

20 cm

90 m

25 cm

120 m

45 cm

200 m

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