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Benefits of Bell Systems & Synchronised Clock Solutions

Whether an infant school, secondary school or college, Bodet’s School Bell Systems & Synchronised Clock Solutions improve the school day for your students and staff, and offer the following benefits:

  • Educate students to be punctual, and even increase pupil behaviour and attendance.
  • Improve safety through unique lockdown alerts and other emergency broadcasts triggered at the touch of a button.
  • Increase learning time by synchronising time throughout all school areas.
  • Provide flexibility and control through the use of customised audio alerts, live or pre-recorded broadcasts, scheduling and zoning.
  • Save money through automatic Summer / Winter clock changeover and no installation infrastructure costs for cabling or additional power supplies.
lockdown alert for schools

Increase safety for pupils and staff

Your school will need to have a lockdown procedure, and being able to inform all your pupils and staff of such a situation is a big part of that. Bodet's Lockdown Alert System allows you to instantly inform everyone on your school grounds of a lockdown alert, using a customised emergency message broadcast through a range of wired or remote trigger methods. For the hard of hearing or loud areas, we also have visual alert indicators.

Customised alerts can also be scheduled to remind students about coronavirus safety measures automatically throughout the day, such as maintaining social distancing and regularly washing hands.

Bodet's Class Change System and Synchronised Clock System

Improve learning time and class change

Failing to synchronise your clocks and class change alerts can cause minutes of lost learning time every lesson, which soon adds up to huge amount over the school year. With Bodet's Class Change System and Synchronised Clock System, all lessons begin and end on time, universally across multiple school buildings.

Our flexible, intuitive software allows you to schedule class changes according to your school timetable using your own created tones or messages. You can also zone your sounders for full control. Our customers have found that improving the class change process can lead to improved student punctuality, behaviour and attendance.

Bodet's Harmonys IP/PoE Class Change System

Reduce costs and save money

School clocks can be spread over multiple floors across multiple buildings, often mounted high on walls. Synchronised Clock Systems ensure that the Summer / Winter clock changes are automated, saving you time and money. Our Class Change System can also control utility services, such as heating and lighting, scheduling them for use only when required during the school term.

Bodet's Harmonys IP/PoE Class Change System is a five-in-one system, which can feature class change, lockdown alerts, PA functionality, synchronised clocks and music streaming. Not only is combined functionality far more cost efficient than separate systems, since our solution operates across your existing IT network, infrastructure costs are reduced too.


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Hear from our customer

Djanogly City Academy

Djanogly City Academy

Class changes are smooth and efficient and the corridors are empty by the time the music stops. The sense of urgency it instils has dramatically improved punctuality and avoids staff/student confrontation in the corridors, which has resulted in much better behaviour throughout the school.

James Amps
Director of Operations

St Francis C of E Primary School

St Francis C of E Primary School

The zoning facility is a real benefit to us. It means that we can make general announcements to the whole school, or we can send specific melodies or announcements just to the KS1 or the KS2 pupils. Each of the children and staff in the groups recognise their own sounds, so they know it applies to them, and it works very well.

Gabby Clark
School Business Manager

Blossom House School

Blossom House School

We looked at several class change systems but decided that the versatility of Bodet Harmonys system means we can choose from a range of melodies or use the microphone to record our own announcements.

James Stavert
Director of Operations

Customer References

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Farnham Green Primary School - Clocks and Clock Systems
University of brighton - Clocks and Clock Systems
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