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Increase Productivty and Communication With Our Shift Change and Synchronised Clock Systems for Factories

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Benefits of Manufacturing Bell System & Synchronised Clock Solutions

Productivity is paramount in a manufacturing facility. Even with the very latest technology in your manufacturing equipment, without synchronised time and shift change, your processes will be prone to inefficiency. Our solutions can help you increase communication, staff safety and synchronise your factory clocks, even across multiple plants or large facilities with the following benefits:

  • Increase efficiency by synchronising factory bells to standardise shifts and breaks.
  • Reduce confusion and inefficiency by synchronising time throughout all office and building areas.
  • Provide flexibility and control through the use of customised audio alerts, live or pre-recorded broadcasts, scheduling and zoning.
  • Improve safety through customisable fire and emergency messages with a range of wired and mobile trigger methods.
  • Reduce costs through automatic Summer / Winter clock changeover and ability to automatically control other systems such as heating and lighting.
Bodet’s Shift Change and Synchronised Clock Solutions

Increase productivity and communication

Losing just five minutes of productive time per employee per day could cost your organisation thousands of pounds per year in lost productivity. With Bodet’s Shift Change and Synchronised Clock Solutions, every clock across your whole facility will be accurately synchronised, and shift change announcements occur automatically at the correct time. This increases the punctuality of your workforce, maximising productivity.

Our flexible, intuitive software allows you to create your own schedules for shift changes and breaks with customised tones or messages. You can also zone your sounders for full control, broadcast live or pre-recorded messages, and even stream music to improve the working environment.


Improve staff safety

Since manufacturing facilities are often complex environments with high risk factors, it’s vital that health and safety is an important concern. As a wide variety of unique emergency situations could occur, Bodet’s Bell Systems allow you to broadcast a range of customisable emergency alerts so that your staff know exactly how to react with each circumstance. These can be instantly triggered through a range of wired and remote methods. If your manufacturing plant is a particularly noisy environment, we also have the option of visual alert indicators.

Harmonys Shift Change System

Reduce costs and save money

Industrial clocks can be spread over large facilities and even across multiple buildings, often mounted in areas not easily accessible. With Synchronised Clock Systems, you ensure that Summer / Winter clock changes are automatic, saving you time and money. Our Shift Change System can also control utility services, such as heating and lighting, scheduling them for use only when required during your operational hours.

Bodet's Harmonys IP/PoE Shift Change System is a five-in-one system, which can feature shift change, emergency audio alerts, PA functionality, synchronised clocks and music streaming. Not only is combined functionality far more cost efficient than separate systems, our solution operates across your existing IT network, reducing infrastructure costs too.


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