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Accurate transport clock solutions for railway & airport applications

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Benefits of Bodet’s Clock Systems for Transport

The most important feature for people who travel every day is being on time for their appointments. Bodet have been very successful in the supply of accurate time via their Transport Clock Systems.

Whether you prefer a digital or analogue clock, or even outdoor clocks, we have a range of models and solutions.

The benefits of Bodet’s Synchronised Clock Systems for Transport are as follows:

  • Improve your service by giving accurate information about schedules.
  • Reduce confusion and inefficiency by synchronising time throughout all offices and platforms areas.
  • Reduce costly maintenance (Automatic Summer and Winter changeover).

We would be pleased to visit you to provide a no obligation demonstration of our Synchronised Transport Clock Systems to help tailor the solution to match your organisation’s needs.


Solutions dedicated for Transport

Diagram of a Transport Clock System

application airport afnor
Linkup - Clocks and Clock Systems


Link Up: Bodet is now part of the Link Up System. Our products have been approved by the Railways Market. Link-up is the UK rail industry supplier qualification scheme, providing a single common registration, qualification and audit process for suppliers that is shared by the UK rail industry.

Network Rail Approved: our Transport Clock Systems have been approved by Network Rail and are suitable for the railway industry.


Time and attendance for transport
Time and attendance for transport
Time and attendance for transport

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