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Efficient time management and communication with Bodet’s Audio, Lockdown Alert and Synchronised Clock Systems

Innovative Audio Solutions Accurate Synchronised Clock Systems

Accurate and reliable Clock Systems

Improve efficiency and save money. Synchronise time across your organisation using Bodet’s Synchronised Clock Systems, featuring a range of clock models and master clocks.

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Our Solutions for Your Organisation

Lockdown Alert

Lockdown Alert

Increase safety for everyone on your premises by broadcasting unique lockdown alerts.


Bell, Class Change & Lockdown Alert Systems

Bell &
Class Change Systems

Ensure your organisation communicates effectively with Bodet’s Bell & Class Change Systems.


Clock & Clock Systems

Clock & Clock Systems

Ensure time is accurate and synchronised with our wired or wireless Clocks and Clock Systems.


Time Server

Time Server

Synchronise time across devices on your IT network with total accuracy and security.


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See how Netsilon can help you

Unrivalled accuracy and security with networked time synchronisation

Is the precise and continuous time synchronisation of networked devices critical to your business operations? Bodet’s Netsilon Time Server was created as an innovative, powerful solution using all of our time synchronisation experience.

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Harmonys for your school

Productivity, Communication and Safety with Harmonys

Harmonys is our unique 5-in-1 IP/PoE Audio System featuring innovative hardware and scheduling software. Modular and expandable, it can encompass class change / shift change, lockdown alerts, synchronised clocks, PA functionality and streaming music.

Harmonys for your schoolHarmonys for your organisation

Time Solutions For Your Sector

Discover our solutions to synchronise time and improve productivity for your specific organisation.

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